I just came across this

In an ideal world the workflow would be "1) tell your collaborators to use LaTeX 2) live happily ever after"

comment by Seamus and thought "wow, I haven't seen a comment with so many upvotes so far." So I wondered what the comment with the most upvotes on TeX.SE was.

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The current highest-voted comment has a score of 208:

enter image description here

You can run a SEDE query to see the top 100 highest-voted comments.

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Actually, Werner is not completely right. The thing is, the highest voted comment is on Meta.TeX.SE, namely at TeX Community Polls

TeX Live, the collaborative distribution of TeX user groups.

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  • True. It's technically a comment, but actually, it's an answer, since the question is a community poll. ;) – thymaro Feb 12 '18 at 11:41

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