I am organising a lottery and Springer have kindly agreed to donate two copies of LaTeX and Friends.

The lottery closes when the judge (I) announces the winners. The judge's decision is final and there shall be no discussion and or correspondence about the outcome of the lottery.

To win the book you must guess a number in the range 1--200 and post it as an answer to this question. The first person who guesses the right number wins the book. Please note that the time of arrival in TeX-SX is what counts, not the time of sending.

To give everybody a fair chance, you may post only two numbers.

There is one exception to the previous rule. If several contestants guess the same number, the contestant whose guess arrived first is valid. The other contestants may post a new number.

Contestants must have been a member of TeX-SX before 1 December, 2016. (Without this restriction, people may start creating fake accounts and submit multiple guesses.)

Please post your guesses as an answer to this meta question; not as a comment. Comments will be ignored. Please only put your guess in the body of the answer.

Guesses will be checked every couple of days and the winner will be announced within a few days after.

The winners must send me a delivery address for the book to my personal email address. I shall keep these addresses private. If a winner wants to have their book signed, I can do so at their request.

The following numbers have been taken (numbers marked with ●●● are already chosen):


EDIT: This is not getting anywhere. All guesses are wrong so far:( From 18 December, 21:14 GMT on, everybody is allowed to submit up to two guesses.

EDIT: 48 was one of the winning numbers. Congratulations to Torbjørn. One more number to go.

EDIT: We're almost there. Only one guess has been right so far:( From 22 December, 11:49 GMT, 2016 on, each (valid) contestant (see above for rules) is allowed to submit up to three guesses.

EDIT: 124 was the second winning number. Congratulations to Ryan. End of lottery.

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    @MarcvanDongen Many thanks to you and to Springer for the chance! :)
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  • Congratulations to the winners! Thank you Springer for sponsoring. Thanks everyone for your great work!
    – Jan
    Dec 21 '16 at 8:31
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I will go with the first non-taken number, so ... 034


And for my second guess ... 193 :-)


185 ..................................................

  • Note that you can select two numbers (I marked t185 as taken in the first post.) Dec 19 '16 at 17:44
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