How to filter search in TeX.SX to those have code in them. Also how to search inside the codes themselves.

  • Searching codes is something what browser provides, e.g. CTRL-F for Firefox ...
    – user31729
    Aug 13, 2016 at 12:14

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Searching for posts that contains code can be achieved using the boolean operator hascode. More specifically, hascode: with yes/true/1 returns only posts that contain code blocks; no/false/0 returns only posts that contain no code.

Searching for posts where inline code (via backticks or <code>...</code> markdown) contains a specific <string> is achieved using code:<string>.

More search options are available from the search help center


Simply "hascode:yes", "hascode:1" or "hascode:true" should be added to search results.

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