Update: As requested by TeX friends, the LaTeX Cookbook promotion has been extended by 1 week, until October, 31, there's a new 35% discount code: SVLIDA7. This time for printbook and ebook because printbook was user requested but at first the publisher only allowed ebook discount.

When I recently made my LaTeX Guide available for free download for one day (see blog post), with permission of my publisher, some users had missed that occasion.

So I'm happy to say that the publisher agreed with me to

  • make a discount of 50% for a longer time for the Beginner's Guide (applies until November 30th, 2015, use coupon code tDRet6Y, total number limited)
  • make a discount of 35% for pre-ordering the new LaTeX Cookbook (valid until October 18th, 2015, use coupon code LXCB35)

I again wrote a new blog post about it, no need to repeat that here. I just noticed, a blog post is hardly visible:

  • not in the right side bar for some days, as it used to be earlier
  • no mention of the blog post in the auto-generated TeX Stack Exchange newsletter.

So, before that occasion ends (in one week) I decided to mention it here on Meta. It's a valid place, since parts of the book are about this site, TeX Stack Exchange. How? I will write this as answer.

If you like the idea that TeX.SE members, who wrote a book and can offer it with a discount promotion, can tell it visibly our members, you could up vote the Beginner's guide ad. With a minimum score of 6, it becomes visible from time to time (as there are many others with a lot higher score). I will delete both after promotion end.

If you consider it as undesirable promotion, independent if it's supporting publishing LaTeX books, you may downvote of course. But I hope a cookbook style one which is fully based on examples would be welcome. :-)

And in my answer you can see, that I made massive TeX Stack Exchange promotion in my books, mainly in the first one.

Finally, you can get a quick impression of the new book by visiting the gallery LaTeX-Cookbook.net. I put a sample chapter there, and I am adding examples step by step.

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    I managed to get your Beginner's Guide when it was on sale, and it's awesome, so I can't wait to see what your cookbook has to offer! Commented Oct 19, 2015 at 1:30

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As I promised above, here are samples what my books are telling the world and specifically new TeX users about our site TeX.SE. I will post some pure screenshots.

Intro Starting TeX.SE Using TeX.SE About TeX Stack Exchange

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