1. See question on feed.
  2. "I've seen this question before…"
  3. close
  4. Search for term.
  5. Expand question A to read it.
  6. "Not what I'm looking for…"
  7. Change search term and press enter.
  8. VTC is now applied to A, the wrong question.
  9. Retract vote (since it's not accurate).
  10. Can no longer VTC.

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You can only vote-to-close once on a question, and also only retract such a close-vote once. After that, you'll only be a spectator in the vote-to-close activity.

My typical "hunt for duplicate" approach is to use the main site to search for a duplicate. Once found I proceed to cast the vote-to-close rather than using the search-for-duplicate feature contained within the closure procedure. It avoids mishaps like you experienced.

Reference: Can we have the ability to retract a close vote before it closes?

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