I have recorded many videos of conferences, including TeX conferences. For nearly 10 years I have been hosting these on www.river-valley.tv. The domain is now not under my control (long story), and the DNS has been changed, so the videos are inaccessible. I have transferred all videos to "zeeba.tv", so any links will now work by adding "zeeba" before ".tv".

There are a lot of backlinks to ".tv" on StackExchange, in TeX-related questions. Is there any way of adding "zeeba" to all these, or at least alerting to viewers about the domain change?


There is no automated way of doing this from your end. However, you can refine your search on the main/meta site to identify posts which have the now-defunct URL using the search query url:"river-valley.tv". This reveals only 24 posts:

enter image description here

My suggestion would be to visit each post sequentially over the next couple of days (say 5 posts a day) and you'll be done within a week with the URL updates. The slowed updating process avoids the home page from being flooded by old posts - it lists "active" posts, which include those that has undergone a revision of some sort. As such, there's no real problem with doing it manually.

The only four posts on Meta.TeX.SE have already been updated (thanks @barbarabeeton):

enter image description here


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