Is it possible to download answers that are helpful or offer brilliant solutions/demonstrations of the power of LaTeX?

For example I particularly like the following:

Clickable chapters on the right side of each page

Milestone graphic in TikZ

I know some people will say "why not cut and paste the code, duh" but often it is very helpful to see the thread and the comments also, as there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Maybe a download thread/solution button...

EDIT following Torbjorn T's comment

I suppose this shall now be bumped up to be a Feature Request. Can the "Print" feature as in http://www.stackprinter.com (or something similar, license issues notwithstanding) be added to the q/a thread on tex.SE.


I suppose that this will eventually get marked as . The primary purpose of SE is to provide online support. If you find some Q&A very useful, you can star them (= put them into your favourites). I doubt the team will spend time on this feature, especially since SE provides an API and many apps for thread downloading exist out there (i.e. on StackApps).

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