Reviewing suggested edits, I sometimes come across 'weird' edits, minor changes or real bad editings which change answers (regardless whether they are useful or not).

Apart from

  • Approving
  • Editing
  • Rejecting
  • Skipping

I would like to leave some feedback (a comment editor line would do) to the person who caused the suggested editing, if necessary only, however, especially if an edit has to be rejected or edited, why this occurs.

Of course, I could leave an @USERJOHNDOE comment somewhere, but this would not be connected to the edit under examination.

Do you think this would be useful in general? Perhaps, it needs an message system for users...

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This is already partly provided when rejecting a suggested edit:

enter image description here

You are provided with a number of canned responses, including a custom message where you can "clearly explain why you are rejecting the edit":

enter image description here

Here is an example of a rejected edit I made displaying a custom message*:

enter image description here

The suggester of the edit can review their suggestions by clicking on the activity tab in their profile, and filtering on suggestions:

enter image description here

I would agree that a message in your inbox pointing you to the suggested edit item would be a good idea. It could be considered similar to an announcement of your achievements (awarding of badges) in your inbox.

*If only we could draw awesome freehand arrows as well...

  • Well, this is good to know, since none of my previous editings (i.e. before immediate-editing-privilege) were rejected (as far as I know) I did not get such a feedback, so I did not know of this kind of feedback!
    – user31729
    Commented Jun 3, 2014 at 7:06

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