I've answered two questions about Mendeley recently: How to cite in LaTeX using Mendeley? and Changing cite name in .bib files generated from Mendeley. I think they might be off-topic, but I can't decide.

These two questions are about Mendeley functionality specifically, rather than some other Mendeley questions on the Exchange that were about using Mendeley's .bib output (which I would judge to be more on-topic, since they're mostly related to BibTeX rather than Mendeley specifically). Examples of what I would consider definitely on-topic questions are:

Are questions like the two quoted at the top on-topic for TeX.SX?

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I think the first question is on-topic, since it is about how to use Mendeley's output in LaTeX, whereas the second question is off-topic, since it is about how to adjust Mendeley's output.

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