Today, this question popped up:

I was sure it was a duplicate, and found this question:

which then led me to this question:

But this question simply points to an external link, something that at some point may go dead, and whose content we have no control over. Surely we can do better than that? I'm always uncomfortable voting to close a question when the duplicates aren't really great answers.

A related question is much more helpful in this regard, but is focused on hyperref only:

I would suggest actually adding answers to the first duplicate question (which I think is a better question than the second duplicate (which is the current "main" duplicate)).

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    There are also a question of mine related (even if a little more specific with babel mention) : tex.stackexchange.com/questions/150788/… There is definitively the need for organization here.
    – ppr
    Jan 22 '14 at 17:11

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