On the TeX SE, the number of stars a question has received seems to overlap the star.

It isn't really an issue with single-digit numbers, which seem to fit neatly into the crevasse between the two bottom points.

2 stars

However, multi-digit numbers are too long to avoid running into the star.

221 stars

Should something be done about this? The overlap itself isn't really screaming for attention; the conspicuous part is more the lack of space in comparison to the nearby upvote/downvote buttons and the question stars of the other SEs. My main concern is that this sense of "crushed" interface elements makes the site look a little less polished than it could.

Comparison to StackOverflow:

enter image description here


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The fixing of a bug related to the spacing involved un-smashing the number:

This is , and the fact that there was a bug indicates that yes, it should be (has been) increased.

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