Somehow..., I thought I was on meta TeX.SX and saw a question that belonged on TeX.SX, so I flagged it.

Immediately after I flagged it, I realized...uh, embarrassingly enough,...that I was on the main TeX.SX site.

Is it possible to 'unflag' a question that you've flagged?


As of now, unflagging is not possible*, most likely because it doesn't happen often enough to warrant special treatment in this way.

Possible ways of "unflagging":

  • Visit the chat room, find one of the mods and profusely apologize. :) They may be able to dismiss a flag and avoid it from spreading to the review queues.

  • If mods aren't directly available in chat, re-flag the question, this time specifically "for moderator attention" and state that it was an an incorrect flag.

  • One may also want to drop a comment in the post thread to guard others from accepting the flag as-is (out of ignorance and/or possible badge hunting within review queues)

"Misflagging" should not be a problem if it is not chronic.

* This may change, just like the network added a way to revert close votes (2013-07-15). Something similar was done for comments (2012-04-12).

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