In tex.stackexchange, it's pretty common for users to post comments that answer the question. Sometimes there are several good answers posted as comments, but nothing posted as an answer. This doesn't happen as often in other stackexchange forums in which I participate. I don't understand why this practice is common here. It makes it difficult to know which questions already have answers from the question list. That's undesirable if I think I might have an answer, because I open the question and discovered it already has good answers. It's also undesirable if I hope that someone has answered the question, so that I can find out the answers, since it appears that the question has not been answered. (For "I" substitute anyone, obviously.) Finally, I think the people posting such "comment answers" deserve the chance to get credit for the answers. Maybe they don't need the points, but I still think they deserve credit.

Any thoughts about this? Thanks.



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