I just had a TeX-related technical issue, and unfortunately TeX.SX has no information about it.

Googling for the error message in question returns a Gentoo Forum post containing a workable (but not ideal) solution. This same forum in turn references a post in the GNU-AUCTeX mailing list, which contains a better solution, though it might still need a bit tweaking.

All in all, the solution is already there, but it's quite cumbersome, and more importantly I don't know if these forums risk losing their Google indices in the future (making them harder to find), or simply disappearing...

So I wonder, should I create a question and make a "FAQ-style" answer for it, just to get the solution indexed in TeX.SX?

This might help other users, and provide a more "stable" reference, but I'm not sure this is interesting for TeX.SX. Can someone give me some advice about it?

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My opinion is that it is perfectly normal to ask a question that is covered elsewhere on the Internet, as long as it is (La)TeX-related. In fact, even if you didn't ask the question here, it would have been answered on the main site - the community here is eager to help, regardless of the expertise/level of the question.

On a completely related topic: The Stack Exchange also allows you to answer your own question if you so wish. This happens from time to time, and is also an option when you know exactly what works for you, and it is applicable to a wider audience.

The seemingly opposite was asked in Are non-SX FAQs now redundant?, where it was confirmed that dual resources are perfectly fine.

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