I just got an answer of mine edited so it now uses identifier formatting like `mdframed` (rendered “mdframed”) instead of tag names like [tag:mdframed] (rendered “”). I can see how this would be more correct in the sense of what tags are supposed to do. On the other hand, I have the feeling that using tags in the way my original post used them might be useful nevertheless, since it would provide a pointer for people to click on where they could find a wiki, useful other questions and so on, without me having to research links. So I wonder, was this edit just a matter of personal taste, is this some established policy, or should we perhaps even encourage the use of tags in post text? I have no strong feelings either way, just being curious.

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Policy from 'the early days' has been

  • Package names are inserted as code
  • If pointing to a package in an answer, it should if possible be linked to CTAN:


Tags are used for tagging, which means that they are almost exclusively placed in the 'tags' part of a question and not in the main body. Sometimes tags make sense in comments ('There are lots of questions about <tag>'), or on meta (where the discussion may be about a tag rather than the package itself), but both cases are relatively rare.


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