There are currently 45 questions tagged on the main site. Most of these are about the typesetting vector, i.e. mathematical notation. Some of them however concerns vector graphics, or vectorized fonts, and there's one on drawing a vector with TikZ.

Is the tag even necessary? If so, which context should it be used for?


I took the liberty of following Ryan's advice without further ado. I've edited the tag wiki excerpt, and I took a quick look through the questions to retag them where needed (as some of you perhaps noticed).

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There seems to be a bit of a trend to have a tag named after "major" environments or macros/fonts/symbols/etc., which I suppose makes sense if the thing is complicated or subtle, or at least prone to error. It actually seems that the concept of a "vector" as realized in TeX is such a thing: there are questions about vectors written as column vectors (matrices), as row vectors (tuples), or different vector styles, interaction with fonts or other packages...it seems worth having a tag.

Therefore, the separate topic of depicting vectors in TikZ or pstricks or so on is off-label and honestly, those should probably just have the tag removed and be left with just the package tag.

The even more separate topic concerning vector graphics or fonts is clearly a misinterpretation. Probably, you can start by fixing the tag wiki to be more specific. More drastically, there's possibly room for a tag called, say, to absorb the second kind of question. After which I suppose we would need a tag as well. But (as I asked about in my recent question here) I don't know whether it's wise to go ahead and do that kind of retagging.

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    For non-package-specific questions about vector graphics one should use diagrams (see its tag wiki excerpt).
    – lockstep
    Commented May 5, 2013 at 10:16

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