If I notify a user named Bob in a comment using @Bob and if Bob subsequently changes his display name to Alice, can the @-notification to Bob/Alice in my comment reflect that change?

Here is an example of what what I've experienced, recently. On the page of question Can a profile picture have an alpha channel?, I notified, in one of my comment, a user whose display name was Karl's Students at the time. Subsequently, that user changed his/her display name to Bugbusters. However, as shown by the screenshot below, my comment still refers to the original display name (Karl's Students), not to the new one (Bugsbusters).

enter image description here

This may throw new visitors to that page completely off, because it now appears that I was replying to someone who never posted on that page in the first place!

The following links, which shed some light on the use of @ in Markdown to notify a user in a comment, do not seem to mention this issue:



Is there a way to make @-notifications reflect changes in display name?


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