Almost every time I go to see if anything is in the Review queue, there is absolutely nothing there. At first, I attributed this to a team of ninjas that devour the review queue before I can ever see it (read: I shrugged), but I recently reviewed my first item and now interest is piqued again:

Does the review 'tab' update itself automatically (ala 'An edit has been made to this post; click here to load'), or does this page have to be refreshed to pull in the fresh queue?

This is actually pretty annoying when working on a slow or otherwise painfully unreliable internet connection.

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You have to refresh yourself – or install a browser addon, what does it for you (update: builtin function in Opera).

To answer the question in comment:

I am a happy user of Firefox and can only say something about this, but for a start the search keywords for addons of other browsers should be “automatic tab reload” or “automatic tab refresh”. I found two nice blog posts, as well: How to Auto Refresh Pages in Chrome, Firefox and Opera and How to Auto Reload tabs in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome & Opera.

For Firefox the most popular specialised addon is “ReloadEvery”, another similar one seems to be “Tab Auto Reload”. But I myself use the more general aimed addon “Tab Mix Plus”, where the reload function is only one part of - and there may be similar addons including this feature.

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    Do you know of any such browser add-on? – Sean Allred Apr 11 '13 at 9:59

It appears that the new bar at the top will display a real-time notifier to the left of review (on the right). It's not exactly the functionality that was sought after here, but it's close enough.

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