Not really a question, but an observation designed to reduce frustration:

I just went on a tag pluralization spree, converting list to big-list or lists as appropriate and footnote to footnotes. Following the model that others have started, I then tried to suggest footnote as a synonym for footnotes. This was disallowed as I'd managed to purge all footnote tags from the system. This surprised me a bit and even once I'd purged, it seemed useful to introduce the synonym for future proofing the use of the singular form.

So, I went back and reverted one of my retags. I still couldn't suggest. I remained puzzled for a bit. I then noticed that @Juan had reinstituted my change to footnotes.

The moral? 1) @Juan, no, I wasn't in the grips of transitory insanity. 2) If going on a "tag sweep," suggest synonyms before done.

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I think that if moderators do this tag merging then it happens without bumping everything to the front page. Not much of a bother now, but later on I think that these retagging sprees will get a bit irritating so perhaps the best strategy is to have a permanent discussion here on meta where retagging proposals can be raised and discussed (MathOverflow has this on its meta site).

  • Your thought is correct. Tag merges do not count as edits to questions, while manual retagging does. On meta.so, it is common to have questions tagged [retag-request]. For example, this one.
    – Larry Wang
    Aug 13, 2010 at 18:27

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