Is it possible to flag a question as a duplicate of a question on another StackExchange site (SE site)? What if the question is closed there as off-topic? For example, see this question on TeX.SE and a possible duplicate on SO where this answer is answering both questions.

Migration of an old question to TeX.SE will spoil the view counter on TeX.SE and give the question a wrong ranking (see Policy on migrating questions from another StackExchange site?). So it seems not an option.

Then there is quoting. One could

  1. post a link to the old question / answer, or

  2. quote the most appropriate answer literally (that is copy and paste into a quotation block, add the link, mention the author).

Should one use a community wiki instead of an answer to be fair?

To sum up, which technique is recommended in this case?

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I'd go with option 2, making it CW. We can have a good answer on our site that would make for easier browsing. Migrating the question on SO is out of the question, I'm afraid, since it's quite old.


In this case, in my opinion it makes sense to migrate the question from SO to TeX.SX, polish it by removing the not-an-answers and properly retag. The question is good as it stands, so are the (real) answers there. The one here can then be closed as a duplicate (if it is a duplicate, I'm not an expert in this).

IMHO: Migrating good questions with good answers here, if they clearly belong here (which is obviously the case, since SO closed it as off-topic), makes sense and is valuable for the site.

  • Can you migrate questions that are older than one year? Commented Feb 15, 2013 at 13:18
  • In cases when migration is not possible (I don't know the policies regarding that) it could be beneficial to the TeX.SE community to create one CW with catalogued links to such TeX-related Q&As on SO, maybe even quoting some crucial parts to make it more useful.
    – przemoc
    Commented Feb 16, 2013 at 23:47

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