Would a of references of all kind of TeX-related topics be useful, and if so, how should it be asked?

I'm thinking in something like

But with CW answers covering every kind of topics, with every kind of references (books, book chapters, articles, blog posts, screencasts, etc.)

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The posts you linked to are very close to being "not a real question" because they are very broad and usually they were asked after some discussion, and every time such a post appears, it's possible closure is discussed in the community.

I believe that a question with even broader scope would be closed after such discussion. StackExchange doesn't like broad questions in general.

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    I agree. The general uneasiness about a huge "big list" question like this is mirrored in the highly untypical lack of responses to this meta-question. Nobody could really say "No, don't do this because xyz", but nobody seemed to be a big fan either.
    – doncherry
    Nov 5, 2012 at 23:40

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