I was reading the following question: LaTeX images formatting

There, the user that has asked the question, a user named Vartec (who apparently to me has provided the correct answer) have no profiles. I tried clicking on their names, but that doesn't redirect me to their profiles.

Why do some users have no profiles? What rep do they have?

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Why do some users have no profiles?

This specific question stems from Stack Overflow, and the original poster (OP) is not registered on TeX.SE. When migrated, their profile image shows up as a generic/greyed-out image.

We typically post one of our Text building blocks requesting the user to register.

What rep do they have?

Once they register on this site, you'll be able to view their TeX.SE profile. Their starting reputation will be 101 - referred to an Association Bonus of 100 plus the default 1 rep, but they will also inherit additional reputation bestowed on posts on TeX.SE.

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    Note that one only gets the association bonus if one has at least 200 reputation on at least one other Stack Exchange site. Commented Oct 13, 2012 at 18:08

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