What did you have to do to get the beta badge? I thought I was fairly active, albeit only for the last couple of days of the private beta (holiday got in the way)... I'm just curious...

I got the beta badge for the math site, and I don't think I was any less active here, which is why I ask

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I vaguely remember that when committing on area51 one commits to asking or answering three questions in the private beta. I think that is is minimum for the badge.

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  • I thought that was the required commitment for the entire beta period (public and private)... maybe I misread it. – David Z Aug 4 '10 at 22:13
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    Now it says 10 for the entire period. Maybe my memory is wrong. – Caramdir Aug 5 '10 at 9:28

The requirements are pretty minimal: I got one for 2 questions, 3 answers, and 1 vote on gadgets. However, the process that hands out beta badges is run manually, so you will not see it appear immediately.

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