Quite recently Miko introduced the mtpro tag for questions related to the mtpro and mtpro2 fonts with Would people welcome having a mtpro (short for Mathtime Professional) tag? .

But now it feels to me (without disrespect for his contributions) that he is somehow pushing those fonts a little bit too much. In particular I am concerned about tagging questions where the original poster had not thought about the mtpro package. (Actually I made a similar mistake myself and was corrected by egreg)

So I looked for a guideline and it seems this has come up before in Adding tags to a question in accordance with a provided answer. According to the suggestion there I removed some of the tags, where the question doesn't meantion mtpro. Nevertheless there are still some where I'm unsure of what to do, as Mico's answers there, using mtpro, are the (as good as) accepted ones:

Because of this and the fact, that many currently active users where not on TeX.SX back then, I'm asking for a suggestion on how to handle such cases.

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    I've removed the tag in the three cases linked: none of the questions are about Mathtime Pro at all.
    – Joseph Wright Mod
    Aug 4, 2012 at 11:18


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