Although I am not a hard-core committed {TeX.SE} user/developer, I do look and search through its pages on an almost everyday basis.

Very often, I need to take some notes or just create a reminder (for myself) that I want to comment on this or the other question/answer, that I want to ask a new question (perhaps related to existing questions) and so on. I do this using external tools. Interestingly, Hendrik Vogt found his --practical-- way through! Copy-pasting from his profile: "Finally I found out what my profile is good for: I can abuse it as a clipboard!".

Within this frame, the idea of a simple & basic (TeX.)SE-"native" tool to quickly note down various stuff, or quickly access and edit a basic ToDo list, crosses frequently my mind. Do you think that a basic Notes/ToDo list tool, within (TeX.)SE, can be (very) useful?

I imagine something like a (check-)list which is easy to create (e.g. bullets, with auto- time & date marking), edit and strike-through items? Can it be easily implemented?

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