There seems to be no ready-made tag for discussions of the pros and cons -- see, e.g., this question -- of the Mathtime Professional fonts package. I know it doesn't come up very often on TeX.SE, but it's actually a rather nifty package (everybody's reservations about superwide accents and 5cm-tall summation symbols notwithstanding).

I've noticed that the recently released newtxmath package consciously uses output from the mtpro2 package as a yardstick to measure the quality of its own output (and, importantly, how much better newtxmath is than txfonts).

Much more information about the Mathtime Professional font package may be found at this site.

What do others think?

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No particular objection,

There is and any other math font specific tags? is another font specific tag. It seems like there should be consistency if we are going to encourage this, for example whether the tag is named after (and refers to) a particular font family or a particular font-related package.


I would definitely welcome such a tag. As someone who uses mtpro2 I have asked several questions dealing with the package here, specially since the people who sell the font don't respond to the problems and the material on their website is outdated.

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