I am looking for a way of listing, in first-come-first fashion, the questions for which I have not chosen one of the answers.

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Using the Advanced Super Ninja Search Options, you can search for user:10827 hasaccepted:0 closed:0 sorted by "newest". This searches TeX.SX for posts by User 10827 (you) that has no accepted answer (hasaccepted:0) and is not closed (closed:0), filtered according to the posted date. Currently there are 5 such questions (see below).

You can as well add the flag that eliminates non-answered ones (answered:1). The final search can be user:me hasaccepted:0 answers:1 closed:0

enter image description here

Another way of doing this would be through manual sorting of your questions by newest first; this shows your posts as a timeline. Those that have accepted answers have a light-green blocked answer. Those without an accepted answer is left without a light-green block.

Of your current list of questions, I've marked those from the top 8 that do not have any accepted answers below:

enter image description here

They are:

Questions that are closed will look similar in its un-answered-ness.

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    Super Ninja Search FTW! :) A shortcut for searching user:<ID> when <ID> is you is to use the key user:me instead of the ID (I never remember my ID). :) Jun 10, 2012 at 11:05

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