wiki reads at the moment:

is about the tabular environment and related packages such as , , and . For questions about the table environment (i.e., about floating or positioning), use instead.

There are many packages that extend the basic functionality of the tabular environment. A good overview of packages (and package conflicts) can be found in Which tabular packages do which tasks and which packages conflict?.

If your question involves one of these specific packages (or another tabular package not listed), you should add a tag for that package as well as the tag.

So a LaTeX-specific wiki as it stands. All of the above relate to horizontal alignment. I think I've always tagged \halign questions with , and so was wondering what purpose does the tag represent since it outrules table (for ), and isn't specifically about (since its name is and not ). On the one hand, \halign questions could be in just as well as could be . It should be noted that tabular uses \halign internally, and \halign comes from “horizontal alignment”.

To me it would seem logical if was a synonym for , and for actual tabular questions there would be a tag .

What do you think?

Speaking of , I find the current wiki rather confusing:

is about aligning document elements horizontally, e.g. typesetting paragraphs using \centering or \raggedright or adjusting the horizontal position of several equation or table components. If your question is generally about (horizontal) white space, use instead.

, because, as I understand, neither \centering, nor \raggedright actually align anything.

Maybe those two could fit into a tag like or similar?

  • @N.N.: Thanks! May I ask how did you do that?
    – morbusg
    Feb 23, 2012 at 14:59
  • Try to edit your post again and you will see the syntax. Tags on the main site are linked to by [tag:tagname]. I merely copied the actual markup from the tag and then to correct the remaining tags I searched and replaced to get from { to [tag: and from } to ] (search and replace I did in an external editor).
    – N.N.
    Feb 23, 2012 at 15:06

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isn't called because it also covers questions about similar environments like and . The tag is about aligning table elements, but also about spacing, adding captions and rules, dealing with multi-column and multi-row areas etc.

\raggedright is about aligning paragraphs to the left margin of the text block. An alternative name for would have been "justification", but the former name corresponds to (which is, e.g., about \raggedbottom).

  • Yeah OK, I was about to add “…unless you count aligning to the left margin as align”, but then I thought that's pretty much given.
    – morbusg
    Feb 23, 2012 at 20:53

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