This is an overview of my attendance at the TeX Users Group Conference 2011. My extensive reports can be read on our blog, and as there are many related meta site posts, I will

  • Compile a list of related internal links
  • Show preparation, participation and post-treatment in chronological sequence


At the conference

  • Held a presentation about TeX online communities with a particular focus on TeX.SX, with a live demonstration of the site including chat and meta site, used contributions on above mentioned meta answers
  • The talk has been live broad-casted on the Internet via river-valley.zeeba.tv/broadcasting, seen also by chat users
  • Made clear statement during the presentation that Stack Exchange fully sponsored my attendance
  • Gave Stack Exchange swag to attendees (see photo of swag table)
  • Handed TeX.SX business cards over to fellow participants, got some back
  • Had a TeX.SX t-shirt on, also while speaking (see the photo)
  • Talked with fellow participants about the site among TeX topics

After the conference

Perhaps it's useful for somebody regarding next year's events or even as an example for other Stack Exchange sites. Answers and comments, such as what could be done better or differently, are very welcome!

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    as a participant at tug 2011, i'd like to compliment stefan on an interesting presentation and his general readiness to answer questions and be a good ambassador for tex.sx. well done! Commented Oct 28, 2011 at 16:54
  • +1: Nice overview and summary! Fun to read even a decade later :). Commented Oct 10, 2021 at 22:18

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Thank you for bringing your experiences back to the community. Wow, and a blow-by-blow account for each day you were there. This is exactly the type of activity that makes these conference sponsorships worthwhile. It looks like everyone enjoyed your account of the conference. I hope we can do many more of them.

Thank you and GREAT JOB!

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