I just remarked that my flag weight is shown as 510.0000 instead of 510. Has anyone else seen the same problem?

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Flag weights above 500 are by design displayed with four digits after the comma. Up to a weight of 500, a "helpful" flag increases the flag weight by 10, but for higher weights, the increase for a helpful flag is less than 10 -- IIRC, it is exactly 1 for a weight of 625 and 0.1 for the maximum flag weight of 750. Because of the somewhat counter-intuitive formula, a helpful flag at a weight of 500 yields "510.0000", but your next helpful flag will let you advance to somewhat below 520, and the digits after the comma will become useful.

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This is no bug, it is a normal behaviour. Quoting the meta.stackoverflow.com post "What is flag weight?":

Why is my flag weight not an integer?

Because flag weight above 500 does not increase in a linear fashion, decimal places are shown for precision purposes and to show you how your flag weight is changing.

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