As we all know extra tags need a lot of work, especially re-tagging of old posts. However there are a number of questions relating to the LaTeX kernel that do not fit in with the existing categories. In most cases LaTeX macros starting with an \@ would fit into this category. They are not TeX-core and do not fit exactly with the macro category. What do you think?

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I can see the potential usefulness of a tag. However, it should only be introduced together with a tag wiki excerpt that clearly states that the tag is not meant for general questions about LaTeX. (As a working definition of what is about, I suggest "anything that requires delving into source2e", e.g., my question What exactly does \@doendpe do? would fit.)

EDIT: Some questions may have to be retagged from to , e.g., Documentation reference for LaTeX internal commands?

EDIT 2: I added the tag to the first three questions and also created a tag wiki excerpt.

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I'm in favor of such a tag. We just have to be careful that new users don't use it a general LaTeX tag.

Suggestions so far for the tag name where latex-core or latex-kernel. Actually I find kernel now much better because that is the term also used by the original LaTeX2e team, at least it is part of some kernel macro names.

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