• Did you see a review of our TeX.SX site in the web?
  • Did you read blog posts or news articles about TeX.SX?
  • Do you know that somebody wrote a report about questions or answers on TeX.SX?

Then please post a link to it here. It would be nice to see who writes about TeX.SX, and what. It's also a chance to add comments on the other sites, if meaningful.

This topic is Community Wiki, so feel free to edit answers adding links.

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I'll make start with

About TeX.SX

Texts about the site in general

Blog posts

Other texts


Questions from TeX.SX, reviewed and discussed on other sites


Jim Hefferon has written an article in the latest TUGBoat reviewing the major English-language online TeX forums. TeX.SX features as one of the big players. (Note: the article is currently available only to TUG members, but will be I open-access after 'about one year'.)

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