• Did you see a review of our TeX.SX site in the web?
  • Did you read blog posts or news articles about TeX.SX?
  • Do you know that somebody wrote a report about questions or answers on TeX.SX?

Then please post a link to it here. It would be nice to see who writes about TeX.SX, and what. It's also a chance to add comments on the other sites, if meaningful.

This topic is Community Wiki, so feel free to edit answers adding links.

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I'll make start with

About TeX.SX

Texts about the site in general

Blog posts

Other texts

  • In other words, us lot. :) Commented Jun 28, 2011 at 12:01

Questions from TeX.SX, reviewed and discussed on other sites


Jim Hefferon has written an article in the latest TUGBoat reviewing the major English-language online TeX forums. TeX.SX features as one of the big players. (Note: the article is currently available only to TUG members, but will be I open-access after 'about one year'.)

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