I notice there are tags like compiling and compilation which are very similar. When I click on compilation, it autodirects to compiling, so it seems they have been merged like some other sets of tags. However, would it be cleaner for the site if we could somehow delete one of the tags after absorbing it into the other instead of keeping both?


In the autocompletion list, it says ”compiling (78)” and “compilation (s)”. This means that is used on 78 questions and is a synonym. On the tags page both are listed and redirects to . I believe there is no other place on TeX.SX where is visible.

Tag synonyms are useful for at least two reasons:

  • They don't let users recreate the duplicate tag by ignoring the autocompletion list (e.g. by just typing compilation into the tag field). Similarly, they make the tag easier to find (e.g. if you start typing compila, you will still get a correct autocompletion suggestion).
  • They provide a synonym in searches.

While having both versions in the autocompletion list and the tag list page is a bit confusing, I think that synonyms are generally useful for the site.

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