I posted the question entitled Aligning TikZ trees with other nodes when in fact it should have been "Aligning one TikZ tree with other nodes". The question was answered and I accepted the answer as it solved the question (for one single tree). But now I ask myself how to align multiple TikZ trees and not just one.

My question is: should I post a new question entitled "Aligning multiple TikZ trees with other nodes" with a reference to the old one or should I edit the previous post and toggle it as unsolved, though the answer given was ok for that specific question ? Both ways make me uncomfortable. I guess the first one is more acceptable than the other one.

I already read Multiple answers to the same question but it doesn't solve my problem as the question is not exactly the same.

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Post a new question, referencing the old one. And explain why the old solution doesn't work in the new situation.

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    I agree. And next time pause a little while to reread your question to check that it is really the question that you intended to ask, before submitting it :-)
    – Lev Bishop
    Commented Apr 25, 2011 at 2:12

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