On some other SE sites, code in between dollar signs gets rendered as mathematics (using MathJaX, I believe). This doesn't seem to work here? Why not? And how do I get round it?

  • This question covers the approach as it is now. If you wish to discuss the availability/utility (or otherwise) of MathJax on the TeX - LaTeX site, please open a separate meta thread. – Joseph Wright Jun 19 '17 at 15:48

On this site, we want to see the actual code far more often than we want to see the rendered output, so MathJaX is not enabled for this site. If you want to show the result of some input, you need to create an image of the output and upload it. One of the simplest methods of getting an image from your code is to use the standalone package (see Compile a LaTeX document into a PNG image that's as short as possible for more details). To upload it, click on the "add image" button at the top of the text box (the box symbol next to the one with the 1s and 0s) and, if you have at least 10 reputation points, you will be able to upload the image and have it embedded in your question/answer.

  • But the code is not rendered if we use single grave accents, of which are made for that. – manooooh May 6 at 16:58
  • I don't like this policy. Sure, the code is important. But equally is the output. And allowing for MathJax doesn't mean code can't be represented anymore. – amsmath Jun 16 at 14:13
  • @amsmath The output of MathJax is usually quite different from TeX’s, except for very simple cases. While MathJax is useful for web pages, it’s not here, where typographic quality is looked for. – egreg Jun 17 at 9:12

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