Firstly, I'd like to ask: Would you support my request to enhance Moodle for better LaTeX support?

Moodle, a widely used learning management system deployed globally in universities and high schools, facilitates discussions through its forums, where users can incorporate formulas. Users have the option to utilize the formula editor, which is user-friendly but becomes cumbersome as formulas grow in complexity, or they can input the formula directly.

For instance, a formula can be composed by entering:

\( \sum\limits_{k=1}^n k = \frac{n \cdot (n + 1)}{2} \)

Regrettably, there is no preview function available, at least not in the default Moodle installation. This lack of a preview makes the handling of LaTeX unpleasant, especially for those not well-versed in it, as one must submit a contribution to confirm the correctness.

In today's standard for web applications, a preview feature is commonplace, and Moodle should be no exception. Having a preview not only helps in identifying typical beginner's errors but also encourages students to learn LaTeX. To address this issue, I've submitted a feature request on Moodle.org. If you are in favor of promoting LaTeX learning and supporting education in STEM fields, you can contribute by voting for this feature request.

To vote, create an account and click on "Vote for this issue" for the following request:


Feel free to share this request with others who might be interested.

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    A couple of things: (1) This is not the right place for asking this, as Meta is for questions about the main site (which this is not). (2) While this request seems related to (La)TeX, isn't it more about web-support for an implementation of (La)TeX, or MathJax instead? That is, it'll be a limited implementation that's make it functional for online math content.
    – Werner Mod
    Nov 16 at 23:07
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    @Werner It was suggested the OP ask here after being told it was off-topic for the main site. But the suggestion was qualified to say it might not be welcome here. The comments there indicated the question was probably about support for MathJax as opposed to (La)TeX. [I'm also not clear it would be on topic even if it was seeking votes in favour of enabling LaTeX support somewhere.]
    – cfr
    Nov 17 at 3:26


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