So, as a relative neophyte here, I was all excited to share my nifty answer to a question about making PDF files reproducible, but when posting it, I found that tex.stackexchange.com converted my Tab character to spaces, which made my answer seem to be inexplicably broken to anyone who cuts and pastes it into a file.

I can sort of see why other stackexchange sites might want to untabify everything, but it doesn't seem to make sense here. Is there a workaround for this? Or maybe some toggle switch that the admins of tex.stackexchange.com can flip?


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Tabs are standardised by both plain TeX and LaTeX to spaces, so for almost all cases there is not really a need for 'us' to worry'. However, tab replacement is not controlled 'locally' for the site in any case: this is something that only the Powers can alter. I suspect it may be a feature of the editor system ...


You must use the HTML entity &#9; for the tab character. Since this only works in HTML, not MarkDown code blocks, you'll also need to use &lt; for the < character.

For example, if you select this, you can see it has embedded tabs:

<A>					<B>

The above can be written on stackexchange as


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