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How to print out a full q/a entry? Or forward it outside the stackexchange site?

using either firefox or ie on a windows xp workstation, i've tried to print out the full entries for several questions. however, any entry that was longer than could be accommodated by one side of a sheet of paper was truncated, and if i duplexed the job, the first line(s?) of the entry were missing from the top of the second page.

i actually reported such a bug several months ago -- directly to the management, before i had an account and could actually post questions -- and thought it had been fixed. but it seems to have resurfaced.

as keeper of the bugs list for the ams-latex macro/style collection, full documentation of bug reports is important to me. having a "local" copy is essential, either paper or electronic, although a link will be checked later during the implementation. i will probably end up cutting and pasting the entire content of the relevant questions, but that surely isn't the best or easiest approach. is there a better way that i'm just overlooking?